Thursday, March 1, 2012

HBCU Mentor

HBCUMentor is a student services website representing the statewide and independent colleges and universities of HBCU.

HBCUMentor can serve as a valuable tool in choosing a college or university, planning to meet admissions requirements, and getting answers to commonly asked questions. HBCUMentor is designed to be useful throughout the admissions process, from the time you begin your research to the time you're set to attend your school of choice.

Plan for College
  • The Planner Timeline provides students with a general guideline of the financial aid and college application process. It begins with the 8th grade, and follows the process through the senior year of high school.
  • The Freshman Planner helps high school students plan their high school education to meet college entrance requirements. It allows students to track their high school work and compare it against the admissions requirements of the schools in HBCUMentor.
  • The Add Your Counselor module allows your high school counselor to view your MyMentor section of HBCUMentor.
Select a School
  • The Comparative View module allows you to compare HBCUMentor campus statistics from the available parameters that interest you most.
  • The Campus Tours module provides online tours of the colleges and universities in HBCUMentor. It includes statistical data, photos of campuses, links to official campus sites, and other useful information. You can also choose between viewing information for undergraduate schools or graduate schools.
  • The Matching Assistant module allows you to select criteria that you would like your prospective college to meet. Once you have made your selections, HBCUMentor will display all matching HBCUMentor colleges.
  • The Distance Search module allows you to search for HBCUMentor colleges near a specific zip code.
  • The HBCUMentor Search module is a search engine specific to HBCUMentor. It will search only the websites of HBCUMentor colleges and universities. You can even limit your search to the colleges and universities in which you are interested.
Financial Aid
  • The Financial Aid Guide provides an overview of financial aid, including the different types of financial aid, eligibility information, and how to get it. It also provides a timeline for the college application process and outlines, among other things, important financial aid deadlines and milestones.
  • The Scholarship Search module helps you find scholarships that match your specific skills, interests, and background.
Apply Online
  • The Online Applications module allows you to apply online to the campus or campuses of your choice. You can complete and submit your admissions application from the HBCUMentor website. This module also helps you manage the applications you are working on and those you have submitted.
Career Center
  • The Career Keyword Search module allows you to search for careers by keyword or description.
  • The Career Information module provides an overview of the career center and information as to how each module of the career section operates and what they mean for students.
  • The Career Self-Assessment module provides links to assessment surveys designed to help you identify your interests, skills, values, and personality. This information will be useful later when you're trying to find a career that suits you.
  • The My Interest Finder helps you discover how your interests relate to the working world.
  • The My Work Values Finder helps you identify the work values that are important to you, and explore related occupations.
  • The Career Matching Assistant will help you find a career based on your interests, skills, and preferences. Once you find jobs in which you are interested, the assistant will provide you with a list of related majors and colleges that offer them. Once you are done here, you can add your results to your portfolio for easy management and future reference.
  • The List of Careers module provides a comprehensive listing of careers organized by type.
  • The Links to Career Resources module will lead you to internship and volunteer resources.

Ask an Expert
  • The Student Support module provides assistance on technical problems with this website.
  • The Frequently Asked Questions module answers the most commonly asked questions about going to college and using the HBCUMentor website.
  • The MyMentor module allows you to maintain a custom list of colleges and universities in which you are interested. You can choose to navigate HBCUMentor viewing only your select schools. You may add or delete colleges from your list at any time.
  • The Applications section will track where you stopped entering your information. It will link you to all applications you currently have in progress for colleges and universities with an online application on HBCUMentor. It will also provide the date and confirmation number of your submitted applications.
  • The Colleges section will store and allow you to access any college you have added to MyMentor from any other module. These colleges will be used in worksheets and tables in other sections of this site. You may add or delete colleges from this list at any time.
  • The E-mail section will allow you to store your sent and received e-mail messages.
  • The Profile section will store the information you enter about yourself. Make sure to keep your information as accurate and up-to-date as possible. The profile will be used to autopopulate your applications and search for potential scholarships that match your profile.
  • The Recruiter module allows you to create and edit your academic profile, including your background and your schools of interest. Once you've filled out your profile, you can release it to colleges and universities for recruitment purposes through HBCUMentor.
  • The Events section will allow you to access your personal or college events on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.
  • The Careers section will allow you to access any careers or majors which have met your specifications based on the Career Self-Assessment and Career Matching Assistant modules.
  • The MyMentor Freshman Planner section will allow you to view a summary of your current courses in comparison to the selected schools in MyMentor. This information is based on what you have entered in the Freshman Planner module.