Sunday, March 4, 2012

Diddy follows Oprah's footsteps and gets new TV network: How Sean Combs plans to make Comcast cool

A renaissance man never stops working and in Sean "Diddy" Combs' case, we already know him as a Grammy-winning hip-hop pioneer, clothing designer, occasional actor, product endorser, and recently, a successful film producer.

Now he can add one more role to his resume — cable television executive.

Combs is launching a brand new music channel called Revolt on the Comcast cable network that will focus on real-time content, connecting emerging artists and fans through social media. The channel will be a mix between BET and MTV, delivering music and pop culture content with interviews, music videos and news — all live streaming. This will serve as a one-of-a-kind promotional platform for new artists to gain exposure and Combs' hopes will emerge as a huge influence for an evolving music industry.

What's also really neat about Revolt and Comcast, is its push for minority-owned channels after acquiring NBC Universal. This deal follows Magic Johnson's Aspire, which will highlight successes in the African-American community. Film director Robert Rodriguez also scored a deal with El Rey, an entertainment channel for Latino audiences featuring Hispanic public figures.

Revolt will be pitted up against veteran music channels MTV and VHI. But because these stations have resorted to music documentaries and reality TV shows, Combs has a vision to make Revolt "represent you and the soul of music that's been missing for a long time."

Revolt will launch next year.


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