Sunday, May 13, 2012

Felecia Hatcher, Founder of Feverish Ice Cream Trucks

At 19, serial entrepreneur Felecia Hatcher launched her first business, coaching high-schoolers on how to get into college. But it was a corporate job that laid the groundwork for her latest venture. For several years she organized large, mobile marketing events for companies such as Walgreens and Wells Fargo. Hatcher didn't love being an employee however, so in 2008, at the age of 25, she came up with the creative idea of giving the traditional neighborhood ice cream truck a hip, new twist. Today, her fleet of eco-friendly ice cream trucks can be found at many special events, catering to adult customers with unique, offbeat flavors such as mango-chili, Georgia sweet tea, and margarita.

How Did Hatcher Come Up with This Business Idea?
"[I was] leaving a pool party and there was an old ice cream truck rolling by outside. I took off running [after it], forgetting I was in heels, and fell flat on my face. As I descended to the ground, I thought, 'Man, I am way too old to chase after an ice cream truck' and 'Why hasn't anyone come up with a cooler ice cream truck for adults?'"

What Is the Inner Essence of an Entrepreneur?
"Becoming an entrepreneur was not so much about knowing what I wanted to do, but about knowing what I did not want to do -- and that was sharing a cubicle with two other people waiting on a promotion."

“I never started a lemonade stand at 6 years old, but I always loved creating things.”

What Drives Hatcher?
"The freedom to create and being able to share that creative spirit with others."

She Owes Everything to Her Father
"My father started a construction and development firm 11 years ago. Not until I started my first business did I truly understand what he did and how big of an influence he really was. I came across one of my dad's old notebooks where he had a list of 10 things he wanted to accomplish by 2008. He had accomplished everything and then some. It was a testament to setting goals, writing them down, and then taking action."

The Memory She Most Wants to Forget
"When I first started the business I had this old ice cream truck, a 1973 Chevy P30. It stopped working a week before my very first media feature came out. I was told the truck would cost thousands of dollars to fix, and then the phone began to ring off the hook, which was a dream come true and a nightmare at the same time."

Her Parents Should Have Never Said
"You should just drop this and become a teacher -- it's easy."

The Technology She Loves
"My iPhone and my BFF Google."

Can Hatcher Really Change the World?
"Yes, and that's what I hope to do with ice cream. We give part of our proceeds to charity and sponsor or participate in a variety of charity events. We also speak to students about entrepreneurship and getting into college -- and all the students get ice cream!"

When She Isn't Changing the World, Does She Sleep?
"I usually have to force myself to sleep around 5 or 6 a.m. and I'm up by 9 a.m."


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