Thursday, May 10, 2012

Famous Montague Collection of Rare Art

Rare art from the famous Montague Collection. This campaign is an attempt to buy the collection completely and provide a fund to maintain the collection.

Don't let this RARE collection of History get broken up!!

Note: Video courtesy of CNN or YouTube and Tiffany Alexander

The Montague Collection of African American art and artifacts are up for auction by United AMS (© UnitedAMS) and we want to make sure the collection gets bought in one piece and has funds to maintain the collection for history. It covers " history from the slave years to the height of the Civil Rights Movement, the Collection is a testament to the determination and passion of famed former R&B DJ Nathaniel Montague and his wife and researcher Rose Casalan. It comprises more than fifty years of purchases from garage and estate sales; antique and book shops; and private collectors and auction houses, in both the US and Europe." According to the UnitedAMS Action Summary located at:

SAVE THE Collection * * * SAVE THE Collection * * * SAVE THE Collection ***

"The Collection features a marvelously diverse and balanced array of over 8,000 items. Nathaniel and Rose felt strongly about not excluding anything of relevance, regardless of the sensitivities involved. History cannot be censored and retain its truth. Some items in the Collection may shock and anger the viewer, but they all serve to illuminate the reality of the African American experience."

What We Need & What You Get

We need money. Lots of it. We are anticipating it will sell for around 1.0 million. This will leave us $250k to be able to find a permanent home and to have enough money to market the need for additional funds to maintain the collection or, in the worst case, buy back parts of the collection that has been lost, or bought from others.

WE WILL BE ASKING MR. Nathaniel Montague to be on the below board and HE will have a VETO vote on any subject! This gives the person with the vision the power and semi-control over the collection. This will also help to make sure a STRONG foundation of support from the original collector is maintained.

The Money

Once this campaign ends the total amount obtained will be used to purchase the collection at the time of auction unless officials from the court or the auction house allow us to purchase the collection in its entirety before it's offered to the general public.

If enough funds are not obtained to make a purchase then the amounts obtained will be used to buy as much as possible of the collection and then the collection will be "gifted" to an appropriate museum or other designated organization as determined by a board of 10. A maximum amount of 10% will be used for non-collection funding. Including the cost of this campaign and the cost of processing (paying Indiegogo). Unless, Indiegogo, out of the kindness of their heart and deep respect for history, art, and African Americans, want to "forgo" the fees :)


Will post as much info I can over the next 14-days.

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