Friday, May 11, 2012

Dr. Melanye Maclin

Dermatologist, Melanye Maclin, M.D., founded Innovative Hair Technology, Inc. in September 1999.

Dr. Maclin created the company based on an initial passion to educate about the science of hair and research natural ingredients that would benefit the hair by nourishing the hair follicles from within. Traditionally, in the beauty industry, there has been an external focus on the care of hair.

Dr. Maclin decided to take an internal approach based on the science of hair and its emergence. Dr. Maclin evaluates natural ingredients that are very unique in their own way. Her initial efforts in 1999 began with the research and evaluation of using marine protein for internal hair improvement for both women and men.
At the early stages of company development, she discovered that skin deserves internal nutritional care as well. In general, Dr. Maclin believes that for the beauty of skin and hair, there are many advantages and benefits to a natural, non-medical approach. By internally nourishing the body with essential nutritional ingredients, it is possible to externally maintain and regain healthier, more beautiful hair and skin naturally

Dr. MaclinBeginning in early 2000, which was the infancy of her company, Dr. Maclin became well-known in the media. Within the first active year, Dr. Maclin was prominent in national and international beauty magazines such as Harpers Bazaar, Madamoiselle, Hype Hair, Try It Yourself Hair, Braids & Beauty, Elle, Redbook and on media outlets such as FOX news, ABC news, and WOL radio, as well as during national and international beauty trade shows.

Additionally, Dr. Maclin is the Medical Director for skin and hair for HYPE Hair, Braids & Beauty, and other hair magazines. She provides ongoing educational editorials to keep readers updated on hair and skin health. She is active in the bridal industry publications by educating about skin and hair and making suggestions as to how brides can be their most beautiful on their wedding day. In addition, she speaks at several beauty and nutrition seminars throughout the area.

Through her exposure in numerous published articles and other media outlets, thousands of clients across the U.S. Have become firm believers in her natural internal nutritional approach for the improvement of hair. Once realizing the results of marine protein, Dr. Maclin began aggressively researching other unique, natural ingredients that would be beneficial for not only hair, but skin as well. She was now on a bath to introduce a new nutritional dimension for more beautiful hair and skin.

Finally, after four years of extensive research and evaluation of special ingredients, Dr. Maclin has created the nutritional supplement, BellaNutri®; “bella" symbolizes beauty and “nutri" is short for nutrition. To date, Dr. Maclin and her professional staff maintain a very personal approach for product education and guidance. She believes in providing customers with accurate and detailed information for long-term benefits. As a result, her company maintains an extremely high consumer satisfaction and reorder rate of the products she promotes. She continues to actively research ingredients for future product development.


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