Friday, December 30, 2011

Karma's World

Karma’s World was an idea first introduced by Chris Bridges’ third grade daughter, Karma. She wanted to create an exciting educational website that was interactive, full of good music and fantasy. Chris wanted to make Karma’s dream come true, so he brought creative people together to make the website she envisioned.

The result is Karma’s World, which upholds the standards that Chris set. It is a site that encourages children like Karma to learn in an atmosphere of fun, offering academic lessons as well as ethical ones. It teaches the Golden Rule: how to treat others the way you would want to be treated. It teaches an understanding of “karma”: how doing good deeds can bring good into your life. It shows the importance of manners and the rewards of hard work. It reflects Chris’ belief that the habit of working joyously from the heart opens the door to children for a lifetime of meaningful success..

More About Chris
Chris Bridges is first and foremost a father and teacher. He is also a multiple Grammy Award-winning musician, actor, entrepreneur and philanthropist.

More About Karma
Karma Bridges is a third grader who lives in Atlanta, Georgia. She loves singing and dancing and is an advocate for recycling and “keeping it green.” She and her daddy have a dog named Castor, who is as smart as Smartacus. More than anything, she wants everyone who visits this site to feel welcome and join in the fun!

Lessons for Teachers
Teach more lessons derived from Karma’s World in the classroom. Each time the site is refreshed, our educational consultant offers three new lesson plans for teachers in the featured subjects. Those lesson plans are prepared for a specific grade level each time.

Tips for Parents
Enhance your child’s enjoyment of learning by getting some hints from our educational consultant about what fun activities, books and films are available for them on the subjects featured on Karma’s World.


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