Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Black Business Secrets: 500 Tips, Strategies, and Resources for the African American Entrepreneur

According to the U.S. Census, African American entrepreneurs are five times more likely to fail in business than their white counterparts.

To address this devastating statistic, Dante Lee has authored his third book entitled Black Business Secrets: 500 Tips, Strategies, and Resources For The African American Entrepreneur. Its in bookstores nationwide, and is published by SmileyBooks - Tavis Smiley's publishing company.

The book offers an encouraging and unique blue print for entrepreneurs against the backdrop of the new media landscape, and invaluable guidance for those adapting to the global marketplace.

Black Business Secrets features a foreword written by Dr. Randal Pinkett, and exclusive one-on-one interviews with Bob Johnson, George Fraser, Karen Hunter, Will Moss, Tom Burrell, Wally Amos, Dr. Farrah Gray, Ephren Taylor, Nadine Thompson, and Gwen Richardson.

Source: http://www.dantelee.com/the_book.html

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