Saturday, December 10, 2011

3 Texas Sisters Take On Wedding Industry in Turbulent Economy

Nationwide (November 21, 2011) -- Will the state of the economy prevent brides from planning and enjoying a memorable wedding or keep inspired entrepreneurs down? A Texas trio says, no. Despite economic woes, the Thompson sisters (Valerie, Tajuana and Jenese Thompson) have formed I Do! Magnets, a company specializing in Save the Date Wedding Magnets. Designed to announce a wedding, the magnets display engagement photos, wedding websites, and other ceremonial details. Competitors beware; the sisters have raised the bar.

I Do! Magnets offers a large assortment of fun, ingeniously shaped Save the Date wedding magnets. Hands down, my top picks are the chapel magnet, dove-in-flight magnet, and the bridal couple magnet - which is reminiscent of a groom embracing his new bride for their first dance. They have quite an offering. Brides can choose up to 4 different layouts in a single order. Better still; all orders include not only the magnet, but its holder, tissue, decorative ribbon, and an envelope. What they've done is innovative and smart.

Brides everywhere are reacting to the downturn in the economy, not by skipping the ceremony, but by being savvier when planning. Wedding guest list have shrank and some brides have chosen to forgo the more expensive formal invitations all together, choosing to use Save the Date wedding magnets with the wedding couple's website address to further inform guests on the details of the upcoming day.

With no bank financing or personal loans, the Texas sisters pooled their financial resources to jump start the venture. The sisters say, "We believe innovative ideas and hard work are the backbone of the American economy. Our ideas and stick-to-itiveness didn't go away when the economy weakened...we were persistent."

There are approximately 2 million weddings in the United States every year. The average cost of a wedding is $24K to $27K, making the wedding industry quite a lucrative one. "Brides remain committed to planning a luxurious, memorable event and are willing to spend despite the state of the economy," said Carley Roney, editor in chief of The Knot Inc.

Despite the decline in the economy, the Thompson sisters from Texas are poised to lasso a portion of the wedding industry.

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