Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Eric Thomas - Quotes

“Don’t make a habit out of choosing what feels good over what’s actually good for you.”

“Avoid being your own enemy.”

“You can change environments, but until you change yourself, nothing else will ever change.”

“What you envision in your mind, how you see yourself, and how you envision the world around you is of great importance because those things become your focus.”

“You cannot afford to live in potential for the rest of your life; at some point, you have to unleash the potential and make your move(ment).”

“I was just tired of coming up short and needed desperately to surround myself with people who had that winner’s mentality.”

“Character is like my fingerprint; it identifies me from everyone else in the world. It says who I am and where I am headed.”

“Things change for the better when we take responsibility for our own thoughts, decisions and actions.”

“Those who want success should think like a planter. They should understand that having the right seed is an essential key to success, but they must also understand that the soil that they entrust to the seed is just as vital… Can you honestly say the environment(s) you are in will yield the kind of harvest you are expecting?.”

“The truth is that momentum, in the sense in which we are discussing, is a feeling, and if it’s a feeling, that means we have the ability to have it on our side at all times if we so choose.”

“There is power in one’s spirit – the power to empower and the power to suppress.”

“Stop sabotaging yourself.”

“You will not experience all life has to offer you or begin to experience life at its fullest as long as you are satisfied with mediocrity. You have to be disgusted with your current circumstances before your circumstances can change.”

“You need your undivided attention.”

“At some point in life you have to face your fears, and head on even though you can’t be sure of the outcome. A great deal of people will never reach their dreams and it won’t have anything to do with their ability or skill set. They won’t reach their dreams because they were too afraid to try.”

“If I had never taken the test, I could always say I would have passed if I had taken it, I just did not feel like taking it. That way I would never have to face my fears and I could create this illusion in my mind to prevent me from feeling like a failure. I was good at that.”

“I soon discovered, dreaming is one thing, but at some point I had to get up, get out and get something.”

“There is nothing wrong with dreaming big dreams, just know that all roads that lead to success have to pass through Hardwork Boulevard at some point.”

“We must accept finite disappointment, but we must never lose infinite hope.”

“However, I learned through the process not to make time the focus. The secret to success is in the nature of the seed, not how long it takes to see the results.”

“Nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent. It’s not who you are that holds you back, it’s who you think you’re not.”

“And as a former procrastinator, I always had to remind myself not to put of what I could do today.”

“A setback is a setup for a comeback.”

“I learned that pain produces certain things that complacency can’t.”

“If I could have you take just one thing from this book, it would be that there is no magical formula for success. It’s about having a dream and working towards it no matter what negative circumstances occur along the way. In basketball there is a saying that says, “The only way to get out of a shooting slump is to keep shooting.’ The same can be said for our lives. The only way to get out of mediocrity, is to keep shooting for excellence.”


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