Monday, July 2, 2012

Pooka Pure And Simple

With Dawn Fitch, founder and creator– POOKA became a lifelong pursuit when she became mysteriously ill. After numerous visits to doctors and specialists and no sound diagnosis she began to explore alternative therapies, it was here her interest in aromatherapy and its healing and relaxing attributes was born.

She began reading the ingredients of EVERYTHING and became painfully aware of just how much of what we consume is saturated with unhealthy, unnatural ingredients. In an effort to combat illness and stress and the realization that so much of what goes into the body is not good for you, she changed her entire health regime.

Combining her love for aromatherapy and the need to take better care of herself inside and out she began creating her own bath and body products. Just for fun, she took a few of her hand made products to sell at a local festival and sold out! The response was tremendous. That’s when the realization hit that she had an incredible business idea and Pooka was born!

She knew she couldn’t achieve her Pooka dream alone so she enlisted the help of those closest and dearest to her. Together she and her girlfriends formed Pooka Pure & Simple and today the 4 Pookalitas manage every aspect of Pooka from sales and marketing to finance.

Our Philosophy
It is amazing how many products are based on all natural foundations, but are so chemically modified and reproduced that the essential ingredients are lost. For example: Rosemary & eucalyptus in an oil base was probably the basis for many vapor rubs on the market, just as Thyme was probably the basis for many disinfectants, etc.

We decided to make body products that just have what you need in them. The shelf life may not be as long because we don’t use preservatives but we’re sure you’ll use your Pooka products so fast that it won’t be a problem!


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