Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Morgan State University

Morgan State University is by designation of the Maryland General Assembly the State’s public urban university. Its mission is to provide a comprehensive array of programs and services to the citizens and organizations of the Baltimore metropolitan area. Its three major mission components are:

to educate citizens from diverse academic and socioeconomic backgrounds
to carry out research, giving priority to that applicable to the problems of the region and its residents
provide cultural opportunities for the region and offer programs of service to the community and the general public
The University has a long tradition of educating the very best prepared students as well as many others from disadvantaged backgrounds. It is strongly committed to continuing this tradition. At the same time the University is making a transition to a campus that will: award more advanced degrees, particularly in programs of importance to the region; carry out more research on topics important to the local community; and, share its resources with the general public and become a center of social and cultural life for the residents of metropolitan Baltimore. This document provides a blueprint by which the University intends to develop over the next several years.

Vision for the Future
The University will continue to emphasize and strengthen its historic mission; that of providing an excellent undergraduate education to a broad segment of the population, including many of the best prepared as well as some who might not otherwise have the opportunity to enroll in college but who have the potential to complete a degree. At the same time, Morgan plans to place additional emphasis on graduate study in selected disciplines as well as on research in these fields. These programs will be in fields of importance to the economy and will provide the foundation for an increased emphasis by the University on service to the City of Baltimore and the Baltimore region.

Source: http://www.morgan.edu

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