Friday, February 17, 2012

The Fearless Five: Book Series

The Fearless Five concept seeks to support parents and loved ones of young children, especially young, Black children, in developing a positive self-image. This is important because it affects behavior related to all aspects of daily life. According to experts, a person's self-concept is established quite early in life—40 percent of an individual's mature ego development is achieved by age seven. Though it can always be enhanced or devalued, one's self-concept requires continual maintenance and support.

Facilitating the development of a positive self-concept is critically important and the ways to do it are clear. We must pass on to our children that each of us is unique, and that each of us wants to feel good about him/herself, trust ourselves and others, and make contributions to our communities. In particular, we, at HNK Concepts, want to play an active role in off-setting the negative influences which bombard the sense of worth of young, Black children by offering them positive images in an enpowering setting.


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