Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Very Smart Brothas

Although the blog was first launched Monday, March 30th, 2008, the concept of was first conceived by Johnson D. Riley and Randolph (Kim) Springer, 25-year-old roommates at Tuskegee Normal and Industrial Institute in July of 1913. Springer, the the self-proclaimed “ladies man with 50 peanuts in his pocket” and the introspective yet oddly violent Riley would sit in their quaintly pretentious two room shanty for hours on end, dreaming of ways to share their relationship expertise with a mass medium, stuck because the internet wouldn’t be invented for another 80 or so years.
Undaunted by their relative lack of technology and the infamous warthog swarms that plagued Alabama in the summer of ’13, Springer and Riley eventually put their heads together to create a list of relationship edicts, eventually transcribing them to paper and posting them on the shanty’s copper door.
Included were a few revolutionary yet transcendant gems of advice such as “bro’s before hoes,” “dont shit where you eat,” and “smack it, dammit!!” Word of mouth quickly spread, and Riley and Springer became overnight rockstars, invited to spread their gospel of advice in dormitory shantys throughout the southeast.
Sadly, they both perhished in the great warthog smarm related fire of 1913, which also destroyed the list as well as most of the warthogs, but their work was already done. The word had been spread. is the present-day manifestation of those lonely shanty nights, where Springer and Riley wrote and argued and theorized for days at a time, burning the midnight oil while ignoring the mad shrieks of the wild warthogs. The Champ and Panama Jackson are here to continue the relationship-related word, to enlight and excite, to enrage and enthrall, but most importantly, to educate and entertain. Enjoy

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