Friday, November 11, 2011

Magic Johnson Foundation

The Magic Johnson Foundation, founded by Earvin “Magic” Johnson in 1991, works to develop programs and support community-based organizations that address the educational, health and social needs of ethnically diverse, urban communities. It is recognized as a nonprofit public charity under section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code.
Founder, Earvin Johnson’s motto is, “we are the communities we serve”, and his charitable activities as well as his business ventures are guided by the power and principle of continually focusing on representing and serving ethnically diverse, socio-economically challenged urban communities.

Since its inception in 1991, the Magic Johnson Foundation has had a significant, impact towards positively changing the face of urban, minority communities. Our programs and services are dedicated to harvesting an affirmative affect on community revitalization by eliminating negative cultural barriers; advancing economic and social equality by engaging minorities in every aspect of their communities; increasing academic and innovative achievement; raising HIV/AIDS awareness, treatment and prevention; the creation of positive emerging leaders; and promoting collaboration and alliance among all sectors of the community (businesses, educational institutions, legislative, community and faith-based organizations, and policymakers).

Our widespread outreach strategies and advocacy efforts are extensive in engaging countless individuals through enduring public address and national media exposure to raise civic awareness and provide solutions to pressing social issues. MJF’s integrated for and non-profit endeavors create unique and comprehensive contributions to our municipal service areas. MJF recognizes that minority leaders face special challenges in bridging the generations economic and education gaps, and traditional political factions that exist within the community. As a minority owned and operated organization, we are in the unique position of understanding these valuable communities, have long-standing relationships with them, and continue to be motivated to serve them in order to increase the quality of life for these vibrant, yet often neglected neighborhoods.

The Magic Johnson Foundation has improved its rating on Charity Navigator to Three (four star rating)
In 2011 the Magic Johnson Foundation will celebrate their 20th anniversary
To date the Taylor Michaels Scholarship program has provided over 300 youth with resources and support
By year’s end 2010 our Community Empowerment Centers will have impacted over 245,000 disadvantaged youth
CECs have provided programs and transitioned over 450 families from subsidized housing to home ownership
CECs have provided over 1,500 youth and young adults with GEDs
CECs have improved the academic performance of over 6,000 youth
Through the “I Stand with Magic” campaign over 89,000 people have signed up in the online campaign fight against HIV/AIDS
Through the "I Stand with Magic" campaign, the Magic Johnson Foundation has provided free HIV/AIDS testing to more than 38,000 Americans in 16 major cities. Additionally, the program has educated nearly 280,000 people about HIV, risk factors associated with the disease and the importance of HIV testing
Since 2003 our partnership with AIDs Healthcare Clinics has tested over, 3,750 adults and identified positive results for over 1000 testers
The Magic Johnson Foundation Annual Kid’s Mardi Gras started in 1997 has hosted over 16,500 disadvantaged urban youth
The Magic Johnson Foundation Annual Holiday Party has hosted over 45,000 youth and distributed over 300,000 toys since 1994

Our 2010 Annual Report reflects our evolution over 20 years, as a Foundation that initially awarded grants to HIV/AIDS organizations to the present, as a Foundation that has grown tremendously in quality and in reputation.  While an annual report gives us great perspective in relation to the fruits of our labor from the past year, overall achievement is paramount to the Foundation.  In 2010 we achieved several significant milestones and transformative support for which we are deeply gratified and appreciative including:

•   A nomination by President William J. Clinton for the prestigious 2011 Conrad Hilton Foundation Humanitarian Award;
•   Forged a White House relationship to support its National AIDS HIV/AIDS strategy and HIV/AIDS initiatives;
•   Committed $384,000 scholarships to Taylor Michaels scholars;
•   Launched, Taylor Michaels Scholarship Program Alumni Association;
•   Awarding of $200,000 grant for online learning scholarships to the Grockit Academy; to improve academic performance in the core academic areas of math, literacy and language arts along with a test prep program;
•   The empowerment of 16 communities, reaching over 60,000 residents with a virtual classroom and mobile technology to share resources, information and ideas;
•   Equipping three Community Empowerment Centers with interactive connected classroom technology; New York, New Orleans, and Bladensburg in partnership with Best Buy.
•   A third party evaluation by The Measurement Group, to improve and document the impact of the Foundation’s programs.

We invite you to view our 2010 Annual Report and learn more about our work and achievements over the past year, and those that supported us along the way.


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