Friday, September 17, 2010

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Basic Info

Founded: 2003

Detailed Info

Website: http://www.bushdoesntcareaboutblackpeopl...
Company Overview:
Established in 2003, entered the fashion scene with I love being Black apparel and accessories. These products are sold online and at marketplaces, festivals, expos and trade shows. The originator of this company was the recipient of the 2007 Urban League Top 40 Under 40 award. makes many charitable contributions to organization such as: Sistas Against Drugs & Alcohol Abuse, The Los Angeles Black Women's Health Conference, The National Society of Black Engineers, The Urban League, Several Hurricane Katrina efforts, The Jena 6 movement, Bibliotheque du Soleil (a Haitian library), African American Excellence in Business Awards Silent Auction, Black Family Day, UCSD Black Student Union, Childrens Defense Fund and more. also participates in fashion shows, photo shoots, and modeling contests to showcase products. For additional information, please visit Trolls/Racists/Agitators & people who attack other fans beware, you will be banned without warning.
To combat self-hatred and negativity coming from outside or inside our community, and to do it with style. This page was created so Black people can come together to discuss topics and enjoy the information/links we post.
I Love Being Black Apparel & Accessories. Visit our webpage for more info: • Products - • Calendar -
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