Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Clothing: Dangerous Negro

Our Mission
To help promote the Black Empowerment Movement through positive propaganda.
The Brand
We firmly believe that through our products we can increase the number of socially conscious individuals around the world, and, in turn, increase their impact on the community. By serving as a visual representation of the Black Empowerment Movement, our brand can help to inspire action and combat the apathy that has taken over many aspects of the Black community.
The Company
Started in 2006 by seven recent college graduates, dN|Be began with a committment to Black empowerment through fashion and entertainment. We are 100% Black/African owned and are committed to providing jobs in Black communities in the U.S.A. and several international locations in the name of economic empowerment. Five Percent (5%) of all proceeds go to support various non-profits that contribute to Black empowerment (click here to see our current beneficiaries).
dN|Be is now comprised of two operating companies, dN|Be Apparel and dN|Be Entertainment. Potential investors (in the apparel and/or entertainment companies) can contact us at
The Logo
Our logo, The Rankh, represents enlightenment and is a combination of two ancient Egyptian (or Kemetic for those that know better) symbols: the Eye of Ra and the Ankh. In short, The Eye of Ra symbolizes the sun and the ability to perceive that which is illuminated, and the Ankh is the symbol of life. The logo signifies a return to our roots and a return to greatness.

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