Thursday, October 13, 2016

Black Girl Long Hair - BGLH


Black Girl with Long Hair is a natural hair turned beauty and culture website created by and for black women. Started in April 2008 by Leila Noelliste, the community has grown into a global platform for celebrating the unique beauty, language and culture of black women.
Our diverse writing staff includes women of Black American South, Black American East, Black American West, Nigerian, Jamaican and Haitian ancestry, giving us unique insight into the multifacetedness of black woman culture.

Our goal is to provide daily content that is interesting, enlightening, thought-provoking and addictive.

BGLH is one of the highest-traffic websites for black women aged 18 to 34, with 2.6 million monthly visits and 4 million monthly page views. Join our 418,000 member Facebook page, or find out how you can work with us.


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