Friday, August 15, 2014

Operation-Back to the Field

It is always good to see a new book on the shelf that's worth the read. But this book is a little different because the author is only seven years of age. Yes, his name is Amare Small and he has written his first book which focuses on getting back onto the field of one of his favorite sports.

“No football this year” said dad. These words rang in Amare’s ears like bells. All Amare ever wanted to do was to become a great football player and go to the National Football League one day like his favorite player Cam the Man, and his parents were crushing his dream. He know if he was going to play football he had to convince his parents that he needed to be on that field with his teammates. He needed to come up with a plan…. Not just any plan… the best plan ever! OPERATION BACK TO THE FIELD is a go!


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