Monday, April 16, 2012

Essence: 50 of the Most Inspiring African-Americans

Essence Books presents a revised and updated edition of its popular 2002 hardcover that sold over 40,000 copies.50 of the Most Inspiring African-Americans features dynamic profiles of some of today`s most influential, powerful, and, above all, inspiring African-Americans.This is a coffee table softcover that features people of color who are breaking barriers in political, educational, business, and entertainment arenas, as well as those building up their communities. This exquisite 160-page book includes more than 100 stunning photographs. Includes some of the most inspiring African-Americans of present dayrole models, icons, and innovatorswho are changing our world, are in the news, and are making a difference on both national and grass-roots levels Profiles include such well-known and respected people as Maya Angelou, Will Smith, Denzel Washington, Barack Obama, Condoleeza Rice and Tyra Banks Essence magazine sells over 1 million copies per issue and has approximately 8 million loyal monthly subscribers Essence 50 of the Most Inspiring African-Americans hardcover edition currently has over 57,000 copies in print

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