Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Chef Jeff Foundation

Inspire troubled youth to believe they can achieve, engage them to think creatively and empower them to change the course their lives. 

The Chef Jeff Foundation (TCJF) will be a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization founded by celebrity chef, Chef Jeff Henderson. Chef Jeff understands the importance of assisting socially challenged youth, because he was once a troubled youth himself. He found his path in life through education, culinary arts, employment opportunities, and various rehabilitation programs.

The Chef Jeff Foundation objective is to award various Unique Scholarships and fund various Unique Projects, for at-risk youth who are now on the path to making personal progress.

  • The Homey Does Better Scholarship
  • The David Sims Former Gang Member Scholarship
  • The Friendly Womack Culinary Scholarship

  • The Chef Jeff Bookshelf Project™
  • The Formerly Incarcerated Project™
  • The Global Youth Experience Project™
  • The Taste of Education Project™
  • The Friday Fruit Project™ 

Annual Fundraiser

The Chef Jeff Foundation Food and Wine Tasting will be an annual fundraiser that will fund scholarships, programs and bring awareness to the causes that will benefit America's troubled youth. The event will include an awards ceremony honoring our top corporate and individual sponsors, and scholarship recipients.
For more information, please inquire at info@chefjefffoundation.org

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