Monday, July 18, 2011

Wunjae: Body Butter

Wunjae Hand Blended total Body Butters

Wunjae products  began in 2008. With the premise to offer a truly natural product that anyone can use . Today this simple premise is unchanged. Wunjae Hand Blended Total Body Butters has enjoyed a growing and steady base of repeat customers across the country.

 Wunjae  Products are  all natural and easy to use. Wunjae hand blended total body butters uses a proprietary blend of shea and coco butters. As well as seven cold pressed oils including olive oil  and vitamin E.

 Wunjae hand blended total body butters  are  naturally crafted by hand.

They are  made with 100% of each ingredient used and has no wax, fillers or parabens.

Wunjae hand blended total body butters uses no emulsifiers, no preseratives or silica. No artificial colors, no dyes and no water added

Wunjae hand blended body butters contains more natural products in one jars than almost everyone on the market.. For an ultimate experience, massage Wunjae Hand Blended Body Butter in palm of handsThen apply to  body hands and feet.

The result is one of the best made, emollient rich and antioxidant packed body butter products around. try wunjae for yourself and find out.


Anonymous said...

I have been using wunjae body butter for over two years. I love the product and the benefits it give my skin. Highly reccomended product

Mike K, Bronx NY

Desirable Essence said...

Desirable Essence Says:

I am a fan of anything all natural as well. I also to custom scented ad unscented Body Butter as well as other items. I make a Beeswax Body Butter and it works wonders on the hands, feet and even elbows and if one is a diabetic then this is the Body Butter for you.

ThePomadeShop said...

I have been searching for new butters to develop more all-natural body products. I wanted to use chocolate but was worried that people don’t want to smell like chocolate. I want people to send me their opinion at or to our facebook at thepomadeshop. What would you like to made into a butter.

lachlan molineux said...

Body butter is essential for any skin . It absorbs any skin.