Saturday, April 9, 2011

Ties Required: Your Dress For Success Professionals

  Michael “Beau” Williams is an author and motivational speaker who believes that dressing for success is essential for young men and women seeking to achieve their professional goals. With over 20 years of experience in mens fashion and retail, Mr. Williams knows what it takes to impress a potential employer during the extremely important first impression.

  Mr. Williams seeks to reach people with his message of dressing for success through his books and speaking engagements. He has authored two books, How to Win in the Game of Dress for Success and Would You Hire Me?, and created an informative DVD entitled How to Tie a Tie, which teaches his audience how to tie five different types of tie knots in only fifteen minutes. He also has presented his presentation entlted, Seven Keys to Landing Your Dream Job to college students and young professionals, at Texas Southern University, Lone Star College, Houston Community Colleges and organizations like Education for Tomorrow Alliance, CPS, and the Work Connection in Houston and the surrounding areas.

  In addition to his writing and speaking engagements, Michael is a member of a Houston Area Toastmaster Club, where he has won numerous awards in his district for his speaking skills. Michael also serves on the board and is a volunteer for a nonprofit organization that helps men who are job-ready get outfitted with free suits for their interviews.

  Mr. Williams continues to pursue his first passion in men’s retail sales where he stays relevant in all the latest men’s fashion, which provides him an edge that he passes on to his audience. In addition to retail sales, Michael enjoys exercising, traveling, reading, and watching sports.
  A native of Beaumont, Texas, Mr. Williams presently resides in Houston.



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