Tuesday, November 23, 2010

HBCUs Online

What is HBCUsOnline?

HBCUsOnline is a unique education services company, inspired and founded by Tom Joyner. HBCUsOnline proudly partners with select Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) to provide access to accredited online degree programs, educational resources, student support and empowerment tools to help you be successful.

How is HBCUsOnline Different?
Now more than ever, where you get your degree matters. Many of today’s online education providers fail to adequately invest in academic rigor, relevance and student success, which leaves far too many with little or nothing to show for their experience except debt and frustration. HBCUsOnline provides a better alternative and a better value! We embrace and provide each student with the “community of support” that has long been the spirit and cornerstone of Historically Black Colleges and Universities. We have deliberately combined the best of what HBCUs have to offer – tradition, support, a strong alumni network and a rich heritage – with the convenience, flexibility and value of technology, all of which gives you the opportunity to make a better choice for your online education.

What is a Community of Support?

The culture of HBCUs is rooted in providing the support each student needs to succeed. HBCUsOnline is unique because it builds upon this legacy and customizes support to enhance your success in an online learning environment. Student Support PlusSM and “The Yard” are unique features of HBCUsOnline that are designed for you. Student Support Plus is your personalized program for success and “The Yard” is a virtual community that brings campus life straight to your computer. Find out more about these dynamic offerings on HBCUsOnline by signing up today to access more information!

How Does HBCUsOnline work?

The HBCUsOnline process is easy and personable. It all starts when you register free of charge to have access to this full website. Once you register with us, you’ll be able to search degree programs and schools as well as view other exciting content. In addition, an enrollment specialist will be there to help you to address any questions or help you complete the application and enrollment process. Once you are successfully enrolled in classes, you will be assigned a Student Support Plus advocate who will work with you to develop your customized student success plan. Your Student Support Plus advocate will also offer continuous, ongoing support throughout your online program – right up to the day you earn you degree. “Our mission is your success.”

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