Friday, July 17, 2009

CrossOver Foundation

CrossOver Foundation helps children and youth reach for the stars. Youth who are struggling with life's greatest challenges are among those who most deserve to feel like a star. By partnering with organizations that provide enrichment services to our youth, the Crossover Foundation strives to do just that. The Crossover Foundation is a nonprofit organization that develops the dreams of youth by exposing them to pathways of success with College Tours, summer enrichment programs, and the Allen Iverson Student Athlete Scholarship Fund. The Foundation relies on the generous support of individual donors, corporate donors, and others to carry out its mission.

If you would like to help develop these dreams, send your tax deductible contribution to: The CrossOver Foundation, P.O. Box 16904, Alexandria, Virginia 22302.

We become leaders by watching leaders lead.We become teachers by observing teachers teach.Young people become productive citizens bylearning from positive people.


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WhyVisitAfrica said...

Non profit organizations are the lifeline for African-Americans and more and more people should volunteer their time and money to help these organizations. We are hoping to start a non-profit organization that promotes visiting Africa. We will take a group of African-Americans to Africa each month to learn their history and see Africa for what it actually is and not what is shown on TV. Africans and African-Americans in America need to work together and that is our main goal.