Monday, April 20, 2009

Black History Video Stories

These videos are a tribute to The Great African Ancestor's whose hardships and achievements so often go unnoticed. So often we give thanks, but rarely are our ancestors the recipients of our praise. The survivors of a 3,000 mile journey under the most adverse and inhumane conditions. The survivors whose dignity was taken, whose dreams were shattered, and whose true contributions to our society continue to be buried in America's memory hole.

These video productions show the truth and heroism of our African and African-American Ancestors. Each time you view the videos you will come away knowing more than you knew before, and with knowledge comes wisdom, the wisdom of self.

What makes the Richard Allen Story so important and unique is in being re-educated

About the African and African-American Historical Experience. Richard Allen was only {1] one generation removed from Africa and because of this he was capable of accomplishing all that is brought out in the Richard Allen Story Video and so much more. When we look at the strong spiritual and moral force that was amongst African-Americans during Richard Allen and his collegues era, then we look at ourselves now and we ask the question what happened to us?

Maybe it was because Richard Allen was only {1} one step removed from the strong spiritual moral force that was alive in his ancestral homeland West Africa. We are ten or more generations removed from the truth of knowing our glorious West African, ancestry, and the grandeur of their global contributions. The further removed from the truth about our illustrious ancestors contrary to how the mass communication media negatively depicts us continuously. We cannot continue to wait for those who benefit most from our lack of self awareness to re-educate us about our true history.

What could be a better gift to pass on to our youth, than the truth and knowledge of who they really are in order to begin the healing process of making our lost nation whole again.

Carvel Watson


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