Sunday, October 28, 2007

Fight To Learn: Rodney Moore

The "Fight To Learn" Program is Founded by the President/C.E.O. Rodney Moore, former professional welter wt. Boxing Champ and 2-time Boxing Hall of Famer.

The Fight to Learn After School Program provides a safe space and structured activities during non-school hours so children can learn and grow.

Our objective is to have 75% of the young people stay with Fight To Learn for the full contract period, thus one of the chief evaluation tools will be participant retention. In addition, we will continually solicit feedback from the participants, their parents, and their teachers to evaluate the success of the program and determine how it can improve.

Our goal is to expand the Fight to Learn Program throughout the Philadelphia area. Once established, the vision is to became a national organization. Our objective is to affect the lives of many children in a beneficial way and to help break the cycles of drug addiction, illiteracy, and incarceration.

Source: Fight To Learn

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